School Board 

The school board’s responsibility is to develop and approve appropriate policies and procedures for the school administration to implement. They approve all curriculum provided by the school staff and oversight responsibility of the Principal and staff. The school board is made up of church members and school parents and is governed by the MMC.

School Board Members 2022-2023

Dale Munsch - Principal

Jasmine Riggins - Member

Ron Beckman  - Member

Monique Grove - Member

Tina Brodston - Member

Chris Brown - Member

Jasmine Riggins
Jasmine is a mom of one 8th grade student at St. Peter and two graduates of St. Peter.  Jasmine is also a member of St. Peter Lutheran Church.  

Ron Beckman
Ron is a church member of St. Peter Lutheran  Church.  

Monique Grove
Monique is a mom of one 6th grade student currently attending St. Peter.

Tina Brodston
Tina is a  church member of St. Peter Church.

Chris Brown
Chris is a dad of three students at St. Peter (2nd, Kindergarten, and Preschool).


St Peter Lutheran School has determined that our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) are to L.E.A.D. others. The focus of the ESLR’s is to look to God for guidance and know that He has commanded us to love him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and love others as ourselves. So each student should Learn, Express, Affect, and Discover what God has gifted them to use in order to benefit others.
Learn the necessary academic and life skills needed to meet their potential in God’s plan for their life
Express themselves through communication skills including visual, performing, and media arts
Affect their community with the sensitivity to see and the confidence to meet the world’s needs.
Discover their place in God’s plan for humanity through a broad exposure of life experiences.