Technology in Education

Promethean Panels

Each classroom at St. Peter is equipped with a Promethean Panel. These interactive displays allow for our teachers to present visuals to aide in instruction.  The Promethean Panel also allows for teachers and students to interact with content on the board during lessons.

Chrome Books

Students in grades 3 - 8 have one-to-one access to Chromebooks within the classroom.  These Chromebooks are used to access many online resources in an education setting.   

Chrome Box Lab

Students in grades K - 2 have access to our ChromeBox computer lab.  Students in these grades have scheduled computer times throughout the week to access many online resources and practice computer skills. 

Our online platforms

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Google Suite
Clever portal
Student/Parent portal
Renaissance Place
Savvas Realize
All students, in grades K - 8, have a school issued Google account.   These accounts are used to sign in to our computers on campus as well as to  access Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Slides, and many other products in the Google Suite.  Students also use their Google accounts to sign in to our Clever portal for easy sign-on to many other educational resources.  Every K - 8th grade student at St. Peter also has an assigned account in Renaissance Place (STAR/Accelerated Reading Testing) and in MobyMax for additional math practice. Our classroom teachers utilize many other resources available to students to enrich the learning environment.